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“Lost Neighborhoods”: Documenting City Communities Before Their Dispersal


In 1938, Baltimore City appraised many rows of houses, targeting certain areas for redevelopment. Many were purchased and quickly torn down by 1940. Upon these now vacant housing sites would rise new public housing… [to be continued]


August 1938: 1410 N. Gilmore Street in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood. A City photographer, one summer day, walked down Gilmor taking photos of building facades as part of a survey. Sometimes, he also captured the residents and the street life with his lens.


1938: Detail of “Paul’s Famous Cafe,” 500 W. Biddle Street at Druid Hill Avenue in Seton Hill. Note the painted ads for National Beer. Leased in 1935 and “used as a tavern, package store and a cabaret,” the history of this building and its owner remains elusive.

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