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Baltimore City Archives Record Groups, Manuscripts, and Miscellaneous Transferred Collections

Baltimore Record Groups
BRG1: Baltimore Town Commissioners
BRG2: Early Records of Baltimore
BRG3: Baltimore City Commissioners
BRG4: Baltimore City Property Tax Records (see more about researching Property Tax Records here)
BRG5: Appeal Tax Court
BRG6: City Auditor
BRG7: Civil Service Commission
BRG8: Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation
BRG9: Mayor’s Office (see further information about researching the Mayor’s Office here)
BRG10: Court House Commissioners
BRG11: Election Records
BRG12: Cartographic Records
BRG13: Law Department (see further information about researching the Law Department here)
BRG14: Baltimore Aviation Commission
BRG15: National Star Spangled Banner Centennial Commission
BRG16: City Council (see further information about researching the City Council here)
BRG17: Burnt District Commission
BRG18: Economic Development Commission
BRG19: Health Department
BRG20: Fire Department
BRG21: Municipal Museum
BRG22: War of 1812 Records (you can view the digital copies of this entire series here)
BRG23: Baltimore Emergency Relief Commission/Citizens Emergency Relief Committee
BRG24: 1964 Charter Revision Commission
BRG25: Water Supply Records
BRG26: Baltimore Municipal Journal
BRG27: 1969 Commission on Amendments to the Baltimore City Charter
BRG28: 1973 Charter Revision Commission
BRG29: Department of Legislative Reference
BRG30: Electrical Commission
BRG31: Department of Education
BRG32: Register’s Office
BRG33: Redevelopment Commission
BRG34: Public Bath Commission
BRG35: Contracts and Bonds
BRG36: Board of Estimates (see further information for researching the Board here)
BRG37: Board of Awards
BRG38: Civil Defense Records
BRG39: Harbor Records
BRG40: Collector of Taxes
BRG41: Miscellaneous Administrative Records
BRG42: Market Records
BRG43: Comptroller
BRG44: Municipal Harbor Belt Railroad
BRG45: Jones’ Falls Commission
BRG46: Harlem Park Commission
BRG47: Department of Public Works
BRG48: Department of Housing and Community Development
BRG49: City Hall Construction Records
BRG50: Central Payroll Division
BRG51: Department of Recreation and Parks
BRG52: Commission on Efficiency and Economy
BRG53: Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals
BRG54: Bureau of Accounting Operations
BRG55: Passenger Arrival Records
BRG56: Civil War Records
BRG57: Enoch Pratt Free Library
BRG58: Street Improvement Records
BRG59: State of Maryland Papers Pertaining to Baltimore City
BRG60: Department of Planning
BRG61: Department of Audits
BRG62: Charles Center- Inner Harbor Management, Inc.
BRG63: Sewerage Commission
BRG64: Baltimore City Jail
BRG65: Bureau of Treasury Management
BRG66: Model Cities Agency
BRG67: Supreme Bench of Baltimore City
BRG68: Agency Reports and Publications
BRG69: Community College of Baltimore
BRG70: City Fair
BRG71: Easter Sunrise Service
BRG72: Baltimore City Trustees Records
BRG73: War Memorial Commission
BRG74: Traffic Commission of Baltimore City
BRG75: Government Publications
BRG76: Reference Indices
BRG77: Administrative Files
BRG78: Board of Liquor License Commissioners
BRG79: Baltimore Center for Urban Archaeology
BRG80: Topographical Survey Commission
BRG81: Manumission Records
BRG82: Department of Transportation
BRG83: Councilmanic Services
BRG84: Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement

Baltimore Manuscript Collections
BMS1: New Marsh Wholesale Produce Market
BMS2: Walter Ireland Dawkins Papers
BMS3: The Baltimore Monumental Subscription Book
BMS4: Bouldin Family Survey Records
BMS5: Baltimore Sesquicentennial Celebration Records
BMS6: Mayor Joshua Vansant Memoirs
BMS7: Whetstone Point Land Sale Records
BMS8: John W. Kratz Papers
BMS9: Joseph Robinson Book Auction Record
BMS10: Safeco Title Company Collection [of Maps]
BMS11: Association of Veterans of the Mexican War
BMS12: Baltimore Equitable Society
BMS13: Wisner Photographic Collection
BMS14: Classified Municipal Employees Association
BMS15: Chapman Family Papers
BMS16: Walter Sondheim Jr. Papers
BMS17: Baltimore City Firefighters Monument Committee
BMS19: Robinson & Cox Insurance Brokers
BMS20: Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
BMS21: Miscellaneous Microfilm
BMS23: Morgan University Research Collection
BMS24: Afro-American Newspaper Collection
BMS25: Michael Tepper Ship Manifest Collection
BMS26: Baltimore City Archives Miscellaneous Photograph Collection
BMS28: Antoinette “Toni” Ahrens Fells Point Shipbuilding History and Research Collection
BMS29: Sidney Brower Collection- Urban Renewal Plans and Studies
BMS30: Jenifer Family Papers Collection (see: MSA SC 6003 for description and inventory)
BMS31: Baltimore City Directories Collection
BMS32: Baltimore City Historical Society Manuscript Collection
BMS33: History of the Baltimore City Police Department Gifts and Acquisitions
BMS34: William M. Hackley Collection
BMS35: William F. Coye Sr. Photographic Collection
BMS36: Jones Falls: plans, images, and other visual records
BMS37: Richard J. Cox and Edward C. Papenfuse Map & Atlas Collection for Baltimore City
BMS38: Papenfuse virtual collection of subject and original document files relating to Baltimore
BMS39: James and Chris Bready Collection of stereo views of Baltimore, manuscripts, books, and postcards
BMS40: Cropps and Corrie Murder Trial Scrapbook
BMS41: The Builder’s Exchange of Baltimore City Collection
BMS42: Olmsted Drawings and The Friends of Maryland’s Olmsted Parks & Landscapes (FMOPL) Collection
BMS43: Baltimore City Historical Society Map Collection
BMS44: Neighborhood Design Center Projects Archives
BMS45: Marie Bauernschmidt Scrapbook Collection
BMS46: Baltimore City Archives Digital Research Collection
BMS47: Terry Levering Newspaper Collection
BMS48: Judge John F. Schnieder Reference Collection
BMS49: Judge John Carroll Brynes Collection
BMS50: Robert (Bob) Tennenbaum Collection
BMS51: Alumni of Eastern High School Collection
BMS52: Sun Newspaper Library Reference and Government Publications Collection

Baltimore Transferred Collections
BTR21: Provident Hospital Archives Collection (on deposit from the Maryland State Archives)
BTR31: Maryland Architectural Drawings Collection (on loan from the Maryland Historical Society)
BTR35: Barry Bethelehem Steel Collection
BTR40: The Peale Center Architectural Reference Collection
BTR42: Baltimore City Historical Society Topic Files Collection

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