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The wards of Baltimore changed over time as population growth and annexation changed the landscape of the city. Bill LeFurgy, previous City Archivist, wrote a helpful introduction to the ward changes in his article “Baltimore Wards, 1797-1978: A Guide.” This article also includes a list of many useful maps of the city and in which repository they are located.

The following Google Maps are intended to show the changes in the wards through time to the best of our knowledge. If you would like to download the KML file for a map, simply click on the “View Larger Map” underneath the image, and then click “KML” below the map name.

Links to the laws and ordinances which created these ward boundaries and changes are located under each map heading.

Baltimore City Wards 1797-1801

Baltimore City Wards 1802-1816

1802 City Ordinance 35

Baltimore City Wards 1817

1817 City Ordinance 40

Baltimore City Wards 1818-1830

1818 City Ordinance 16

Baltimore City Wards 1831-1840

1831 City Ordinance 9

Baltimore City Wards 1841-1844

1841 City Ordinance 14

Baltimore City Wards 1845-1859

1845 Mayor’s Record Book (Vol. VI pg. 71-75, BRG9-32-1-1)

Baltimore City Wards 1860-1881

1860 City Ordinance 79

Baltimore City Wards 1882-1887

Baltimore City Wards 1888-1889

1888 City Ordinance 92

Baltimore City Wards 1890-1897

1890 Maryland Law 186

Baltimore City Wards 1898-1900

Baltimore City Wards 1901-1917

1901 Maryland Law 8

Baltimore City Wards 1918-Present

1918 Maryland Law 82

Research and mapping work done by Anthony Freeman and Amy James.

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