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Records Transfers

Transfer of Records to the Baltimore City Archives Records Center

Records transferred to the BCA Records Center must be in approved record center boxes that cannot exceed 15” x 12” x 9 7/8” in dimension.  Materials received in containers not compatible with Archives shelving, such as “banker’s boxes” or copy paper boxes, will not be accepted.

Record center boxes may be purchased from Maryland Correctional Enterprises (formerly State Use Industries) at 410-540-5454 and ask for item no. 123139, “File and Storage Box.”  DO NOT OVER-FILL BOXES when packing.  Contact the BCA with questions at (410) 396-3884 or e-mailing

The boxes must be clearly marked with the following information: the box number, the department or agency name, retention schedule number, and the title of record. If the box contains folders or files that are identified by a name or number, place the name or number from the first and last folder/file on the front of the box. When the material within a box is contained in folders the box must contain an inventory list that identifies each folder.

A transfer of records must have the prior approval of the Records Administrator or the City Archivist. Before approval will be given, a Records Transmittal Request (RTR) must be submitted via email to for review by Records Center staff. Once the RTR has been approved, a date and time will be assigned for the transfer by BCA staff. If the assigned date cannot be kept by the shipping agency a new date will be assigned by BCA. If a transfer arrives without prior approval or on a date other than the one assigned for it, it may be refused.

A bar-code label will be assigned to each box and it will be scanned into the inventory program before the box is placed on a shelf. It is the responsibility of the agency sending the records to have personnel on hand to shelve the boxes. The personnel handling the transfer can do this shelving but they must know in advance that they are required to do so.

For more information on the transfer process, please read the guide:
Baltimore City Archives – The Transfer Process.

If a document or record that has been transferred to BCA is needed by an agency a request for said document is to be sent to The document will then be scanned and sent in a pdf format to the requesting agency.

For attendees of our Records Management Seminars, here is the Records Management Seminar page with the resources and powerpoints given during the class.


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